Our Approach

The research that has been done on what differentiates “high quality” healthcare organisations from those with poorer performance is pretty consistent in terms of its findings. Trying to change culture while neglecting business processes or the facility design will not deliver sustainable improvement. Nor will redesigning business processes while neglecting organisational culture. Trying to do either while neglecting technology-enablement is a sure-fire way to frustrate hard working staff.

To get to a better tomorrow your organisation needs a holistic approach that addresses change in these areas:

high quality healthcare organisations

Our approach is characterised by “hands-on” support of change. We will work with you to help you in driving improvement and innovation in your organisation – enabled by technology. Typically each organisation has its own unique history and is in a different place in terms of its priorities and needs. We will work in partnership with you to most cost-effectively achieve your objectives – support can range from:

  • a helping hand – our experienced consultants can help you put together a business case or a strategy document;
  • shoulder to shoulder – we will work with you to deliver a change programme, for example, starting with IT-enablement of clinical and operational processes (e.g. EPR or clinical portal programme) or beginning with a redesign of a clinical service (e.g. service for the frail elderly).

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