About us

“Everyone wants to live a healthy life but good health is something most people don’t think about until they lose it.”

Healthcare, the business of improving health and treating disease, has a long history and is considered by many practitioners to be more art than science. Unlike many other parts of our lives it has been slow to be impacted by modern service design and information technology. Technological innovation in treatments drives a high level of medical inflation; the cultures of medicine, nursing and other clinicians are closer to mediaeval guilds than modern professions; organisationally it is complex with many stakeholders and entrenched interests; and it is highly regulated – a gordian knot of complexity which is very resistant to change and improvement.

Innovation, improvement and sustainable change is difficult in practice for many organisations because financial pressures have long removed the extra capacity to design and deliver organisation-wide improvement programmes. We have worked for some of the large consultancies and they provide expensive “advisory” services (i.e. write strategies, business cases and recommendations or running project management offices) run by partners or directors and staffed by juniors. This is often seen within the organisation as an exercise in “borrowing my watch to tell me the time” as the organisational knowledge resides in the staff. But once the document or recommendations are delivered the organisation is left with the job of actually making the change happen. Change often fails in the execution which can be slow, painful and more expensive than planned because the consultancies don’t transfer their skills effectively and the organisation doesn’t have the capacity and capability to deliver and sustain the change.

Our Approach is different! We are experienced clinicians and managers committed to working with you to deliver sustainable change and improvement. Capability covers the key areas of improvement science, information/IT and leadership development. We work collaboratively with the organisation and transfer our skills so that you can continue your improvement journey into the future. Our approach is evidence-based and we believe strongly that every project is a research project in improvement science. Let’s talk about how we could work together to improve your healthcare service delivery – please contact us.